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Safety Services Organisation

Our Services

Safety Assessments

Our range of safety related services include the creation of safety arguments. These are often associated with large, complex and domain diverse systems, products, and facilities; as well as lesser activities which interface with and support extant entities.

Our Staff and Associates have a myriad of experience in constructing and analysing safety assessments in the following (non-exhaustive) domains; Unmanned Systems, Weapon Systems, Radar Systems, Telemetry Systems, Timing Systems, High Integrity Independent Termination & Control Systems, Complex Test, Evaluation, Research & Proof Ranges (from areas as diverse as Small Arms trials to Complex Guided Weapon activities), Weapons, Ordnance, Munition and Explosives (WOME), and Advanced Disrupting Technologies (RF & Laser).

SSO offers clients the ability to create safety assessments for legacy processes or equipment, as well as carrying out bespoke sensitivity analysis on in-service and/or future developmental systems. By working intimately with the client we can often help guide on the most appropriate approach to take in satisfying safety targets, regulatory compliance and any other aspects of delivery.

SSO have significant experience in constructing complex arguments which demonstrate that risks associated with specialist activities are as Low As Reasonably Practicable ‘ALARP’; such activities support with the legal requirements for high hazard activity management, including the Control Of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH).